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Property address is 144 South Main Street Washington, Pennsylvania 15301 

It is a Commercial/Business zoning district with a high traffic count, 1 block from the Washington County Courthouse. 

Located next to the Local News Paper Observer Reporter Publishing Company,

Across the street is the brand new covered pavilion, where the farmers market is there all summer long, and First Friday Festival and many other events around the year.

This building has a potential for a total of 6 units. 

Two (2) Units are completed in the building now.

The first floor has Two (2) Commercial units; having an upscale hair salon and one other commercial unit awaiting on a new tenant to be and we can build to suit.

Third (3rd) Rear unit is an online/office space.

Fourth Unit (4th) Large storage garage 35’ x 30’ Potential rent $400. Per month, 

Five & Sixth Units on second and third floors, 

(5 & 6 Will Be Large Apartment Units Approx. 25’ X 35’) 

The building has a new roof that covers all the units.

The Commercial storefronts on South Main Street are renting for $1,500.00 

A total Potential monthly income on all units could be $6,000.00 per month. 

Washington County Tax Parcel I.D. Number as follows: 740-001-00-02-0014-00 

  1. Introduction to the surrounding area of Washington, Pennsylvania 15301

Washington County, Pennsylvania has been exploding with new growth in the past 5-7 years do to the drilling of the Marcellus Shale Gas and also Oil, be aware of this fact that the extraction of Petroleum became a major industry following the oil discovery at Oil Creek Pennsylvania in 1859. For much of the 19th and 20th centuries, the US was the largest oil producing country and in the world. As of October 2015, the US was the world's third-largest producer of crude oil. 

The Marcellus Shale Gas extraction is on the same level as the Oil was back in 1859 and the Oil is also making a major coming back in the Western part of Pennsylvania. 

I thought I would throw these facts out there so you can see how this Washington County area is making a major come back from the 1940's until the late 1980's which the major of the industry then was Glass making warehouses and Steel Industry. 

Approximately 6-7 miles from Washington is SouthPointe a small area adjacent to Canonsburg, Pennsylvania where they have created a new town, which is SouthPointe and in this area it has many new retail Shoppe's and apartment units along with Headquarters' to more then 300 Companies from the Gas & Oil Industry to the Pharmaceuticals Companies and even satellite College Campuses, here is a link http://www.southpointe.net to give you an overview of SouthPointe. 

Now within a 3-4 mile radius from the subject property is a new Casino called the Meadows Casino and numerous new hotels and retail Shoppe's and also in this area they have built apartment units mixed with retail Shoppe's and the rents in this area and SouthPointe are from $1,400.00 and up over $2,000.00 per month.

This entire area is 17 miles from Downtown Pittsburgh and the rental and sales have skyrocketed in the past 8-10 years and many people are moving south to Washington County because of the high rents there and the taxes are lower in Washington County.

Pittsburgh has also seen tremendous amount growth in technology companies and having one of the main offices for Google, Uber, Carnegie Mellon is one of the Major Technology Colleges in the Pittsburgh area and many more to come, also Pittsburgh is trying to have Amazon choose Pittsburgh for it's second Worldwide Headquarters which is to create over 40,000 new employees. 

Here are some links below to help buyers see what is going on in the Pittsburgh area along with the number one UPMC Hospitals and number one in transplant surgery's and very much more in the health care industry. 











Today's rental market is unlimited from the Natural Gas Industry exploding with the expansion of production and sales of all forms of natural gas here in Washington County, Pennsylvania. Washington County is one of the top producers of these types of gases in the USA.

We are open to all offers. The subject property needs sold to move forward to acquire other real estate and projects.


Property Description:

Approximately 1,500 Square feet Available.


144 South Main Street Washington, Pennsylvania 15301


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  • 9 Coal Street Dunlevy, Pennsylvania 15432  
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  • 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath, Kitchen, Living room and Laundry in finished basement. 
  • This property has an outside storage shed. 
  • Central Gas Forced Air & AC 
  • Will Rent For $875.00 plus $875.00 deposit.

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9 Coal Street Dunlevy, Pennsylvania 15432

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9 Coal Street Dunlevy, Pennsylvania 15432


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